“24 hours” in the Westminster Minutes

From the minutes, available online at archive.org, pages 215-216:

Sess. 615 — April 6, 1646 — Monday Morning.

…The Assembly entered upon the debate ‘Of the Sabbath day.’ Upon some debate about this proposition, ‘Light of nature teacheth that a time be set apart for the solemn worship of God,’ it was

Resolved upon the Q., These words shall not stand.

Resolved upon the Q., That something be spoken in this proposition concerning the light of nature.

Resolved upon the Q., ‘Light of nature teacheth that some times be observed for the worship of God.’

Resolved upon the Q., ‘God in His word hath appointed one day in seven for a Sabbath to be kept holy unto Him.’

Ordered—‘which from the beginning of the world to the resurrection of Christ was the last of the week, and from the resurrection to the end of the world the first of the week.’

Resolved upon the Q., These words, ‘consisting of 24 hours,’ shall be waived in this place.


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